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Does dating seem way harder than it should be?

Are you tired of wasting time trying to figure out if he's serious or just playing games?

Do you overlook red flags because you desperately want love?

After dating nightmares, do you catch yourself thinking, "Are my standards too high?"

Are you sick of men throwing you to the side or not treating you like the goddess you are?

You have a lot to offer and you're ready for love.

But right now, your dating life is less than ideal.

You keep finding guys that want to play games or lead you on.

Maybe you've even felt like his backup plan a time or two.

You think you've wasted a lot of time.

Girl, I get it!

There was a time when I felt the same way.

I tried to force it.

Manipulate it. 

Change it. 

And then one night, after the worst ever date, 

I realized dating the way I was wasn't working.

Something inside me shifted.

I set my dating intentions and actually stuck to them.

I was able to weed out the men that weren't matches for me, quickly.

I learned how to teach men how to treat me by having clear boundaries.

I started showing up to dates as my authentic self. 

And... I met my husband without having to date a ton of men or settle for less.

Dating might feel like it sucks right now.

But it doesn't have to.


Date Like A Goddess

You are sacred. You are divine.

It's time to show up as your true self.

Ditch the time wasters, keep your standards and date with purpose.

The Details:

Module 1: 


›› Breakthrough old beliefs about your dating past so you can stop replaying the same story

›› Show up as the irresistible goddess you are and date with confidence

›› Embrace your true self and feel aligned in love right now

Module 2: 


›› Learn how to spot red flags & signs to run 

›› Weed out the duds without it taking months of your life

›› Teach your dates how to treat you 

›› Set dating boundaries with ease

Module 3: 


›› My process to get super clear on what you want

›› Pick better dates that turn into partners who love and respect you

›› Express your boundaries without it feeling pushy or awkward 

›› How to tap into your intuition to make dating (and life) decisions easier

» (NEW FOR 2018) Online dating the easy way

Module 4:


›› Drop the chase, lean back, watch him show up for you

›› Never wonder, "Is he ready to commit?" again

›› Man logic mastered: Straight from the source


›› Transformational homework and affirmations ($97 value)

›› Date Like A Goddess Workbook ($197 value)

Hi! I'm Jessica Bartram

I help spiritual women manifest the love of their life. I'm a Love Coach & an expert in the subconscious mind. 

Even though I'm married to the love in my life, there was a time when I felt like giving up on love.

Dating was a complete chore for me.

I wasted time and energy. I second guessed myself constantly. I was a dating mess. 

Finally I stopped the madness and manifested my love.

Now, I teach women how to do the same.

How it works

This course is digital - 100% online

The modules have been recorded for you

One module will be released each week for 3 weeks

You have the course for life, including added modules + updates

Transform your dating experience

It's time, Babe.

The Course is currently closed

Join the waitlist to be notified when it reopens!

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