Not too long ago, my love life resembled Britney Spears circa 2007.

Frustration + Struggle + Drama

I was tired of wasting time.

I was sick of trying to mold/ fix men to be who I wanted.

I spent too much time doubting myself, analyzing my behavior and feeling

disconnected from love. 

I felt like my soulmate must have taken a detour on his way to find ​​​​me.​​​​

(I mean...that was the only logical explanation)​​​​

And he got lost.

And refused to ask for directions.

I started to actually believe I would be single forever.

I really, really wanted great love,

but it wasn't showing up.

And it sucked.

I'll never forget the day I decided to change my reality.
I stopped playing victim and I took responsibility for everything that showed up in my life. 
I started to look inward. 
I shifted. I healed. I stepped up for myself.

And then something incredible happened...
I decided and I knew.
I decided great love would come easy.
I knew love was on the way.
I stopped searching for him and looking around every corner.
I was complete and happy.
Neediness, desperation and control fell away.
I was fully ready.
Totally aligned.
And I met my husband 5-weeks later.

Are you ready?

  • Ready to ditch the dating apps and fill your camera roll with pictures of you and your forever love?
  • Ready to feel unwavering confidence with men and attract love with ease?
  • Ready to skip the Friday night bar scene and instead snuggle on the couch with your favorite guy?
  • Ready to proudly introduce your friends to your new man and (for once) they actually approve?
  • Ready to experience a committed, loving relationship that feels natural and easy?




The Details

  • How to pinpoint your limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent you from experiencing great love. Change these beliefs and behaviors.
  • Release old love traumas that keep you in a place of control and fear. 
  • Identify patterns that show up in the men you date, discover why these patterns exist and how to create a new, better-for-you experience.

  • Discover the science behind attraction and how to use your feminine energy to create chemistry.
  • How to attract high-quality men by becoming a vibrational match to your needs and desires.
  • Learn my 4-step process to align with love in order to experience the love you deeply desire.

  • Discover why it's essential you step into your high-value energy and how to go from unsure of yourself to knowing your worth.
  • Trust and know the man of your dreams is on his way. Believe in love again. Remove any lingering desperation or neediness.
  • Learn the exact process I implemented to manifest my forever love (I take you through all of the steps!)

From Lonely to Loved

Not too long ago, my love life was in shambles. I was tired of searching for love, wasting time with the wrong men and feeling inadequate in the process.

I knew I had to make a change. My approach to love wasn't cutting it. Love was wayyy too hard. I finally decided I was worthy of more. I was showing up half-hearted. I committed to doing the inner work, healing my past heartaches, and shifting any and all subconscious nonsense that was holding me back. 

I started to see my worth, honor myself and truly KNOW my value. My love life improved and attracting high-quality men became simple and natural.

From this experience, I developed a 4-step process to help women find lasting love. It worked for me and it works for my 1:1 clients. The results and love they experience are truly incredible. For the first time, I've packaged my process into this incredible digital course and I'm offering it to women who are ready to step up, show up and transform their love life. 

Most of my clients tell me they're ready for love and waiting for the right man to show up.The truth is, love doesn't require waiting. Love shows up when you're fully ready. Most people think they're ready long before they actually are. They think once they find love, they will be happy, confident and overcome their past heartbreak. Their process to find love is mixed up or sometimes even backwards. 

My process is the fastest, most effective way to call in your incredible future partner. 

It doesn't really matter what your love life looks like right now. You can have the love you desire. It's attainable and frankly, it's easier than you think. I can help you get there. 

The Find Forever Love Program is the catalyst to finally fulfilling your legendary love story.

The Breakdown

Module 1 Prework

Freedom from the past: 

Remove limiting beliefs around love and relationships

Create space for your soulmate

Rewrite your love story

Let go of past relationship traumas that are holding you back from lasting love

Release self-sabotage 

Module 2:

Desire and Needs:

Get to know yourself on a deeper level

Decide that you're worthy of great love

Discover your love type, what types to avoid & seek out

Understand your attachment style & how it plays out in your relationships

Align your habits and behaviors with the love you want to attract

Module 3:

Embrace love:

Align with all loving relationships currently in your life

Become energetically open to receive more love

Stop the cycle of picking the wrong partners and attract the love you're worthy of receiving

Learn about intimate energies so you can fulfill your intimacy needs

Module 4:

Call in your man:

Manifest loving relationships into your life faster and quicker

Obtain instant confidence for any romantic situation

Surrender the need to control or know how your love comes into your life

Module 5:

Decide and trust:

Expect love, love smarter and take inspired steps to receive love

Trust and receive guidance from The Universe

Hold space for your soulmate

Get out of your own head and stop overthinking love

Module 6:

(New this year)

Feminine energy:

How to tap into your feminine core in conversation, body movement and way of being

Show up as a high-value woman so quality men want to commit

Become comfortable with receiving 

Keep your independence while embodying the feminine energy


**SOULMATE MANIFESTING PLAYBOOK to assist you through the course ($179 value)

**Weekly full length hypnotherapy audios to complument with each module ($779 value)

**A weekly affirmation ($47 value)

** Access to the 2017 Find Forever Love Facebook Group (priceless)

**WEEKLY LIVE Q&A with access to replays (invaluable) 

How it works

This course is digital - 100% online

The modules have been recorded for you

A module will be released each week for 6 weeks 

Module 1 (Prework) starts immediately 

You have access to the course for life including any updates and added modules

Finally get the man of your dreams and the love story you deserve


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