Habit Reset

Chances are, you have tried every popular diet plan, every “miraculous” training regime and every “hidden secret” there is and, since you are here reading this, it didn’t work out as planned or expected. However, this shouldn’t surprise you; the reason none of your previous attempts worked, is because they couldn’t possibly work.
It’s NOT as simple as “eating the wrong things” or “not working out.” The problem is, people think they are (over)eating because they are hungry; actually, they are overeating because they are either bored or stressed out. That’s the root of the problem and the reason why HABIT RESET is so effective. Forget about dieting and deprivation.
HABIT RESET is an ingenious, 5-week program that will teach you how to overcome emotional eating and replace it with intuitive eating, and cultivate healthy eating habit. No more dieting and deprivation. HABIT RESET will transform the way you think and approach food, and it will actually increase the enjoyment you draw from eating while losing weight once and for all. Plus, you will discover the enjoyment of exercise!

What you get:

✓5 Weeks of Online Training focused strategic mindful eating for fat loss

✓ Habit Reset Online Training Manual including guidelines, recipes & more

✓ Modules to transform your mindset and relationship with food, your body, and self-esteem

✓Subconscious habit changes through modules and coaching

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