Do you feel...

Desperate to find love?

Finding great love is hard?

That 'all the good ones are taken'?

Energetically drained at the thought of love?

You keep attracting the wrong partners?

I've been there. I used to feel all of the above. I spent a lot of time in not-so-great relationships. 

​There was a lot of waiting by the phone, crazy ex-girlfriend texts and even divorce. 

I thought, "I'm not good at love."

And then one day, I threw all that bullshit out the window. 

I decided I was worthy of love. I was going to have the bigger, better, bolder love and manifest my soulmate.

...And I did (in less than 60 days). ​

Are you so ready to...

Finally get the love you've been waiting for?

Laugh hysterically with the person that truly gets your quirks, humor and spunk?

Introduce 'The One' to your family and friends?

​Have a relationship so great, it makes love movies jealous?

Embrace a love that feels naturally, easy and aligned?

The Details

  • Get the love and relationship you want 
  • Discover freedom from subconscious blocks so love becomes easy
  • Release old love traumas that hold you back from great love
  • Powerfully attract relationship-worthy men into your life
  • Learn the method to quickly raise your energy to attract better-for-you love
  • Learn to believe in your ability to manifest love (and actually do it)
  • The exact process I used to manifest my soulmate
  • Discover how to easily rely and trust The Universe to bring love to you
  • BONUS: Digital Soulmate Manifesting Playbook
  • BONUS: Weekly hypnotherapy recordings and affirmations

About Jessica

Hi! I'm Jessica Bartram. I'm a LOVE Coach and I help spiritual women manifest the love of their life.

Even though today I have the greatest love in my life, there was a time when I I felt like giving up on love.

"All men suck." I thought, as I screamed into my pillow. Days would go by without a call from him.

In a 3 year period, I had a child, got married, got divorced, and got married (again).

I developed this system first, for myself. Now I teach it to women who are ready to manifest lasting love!

Maybe you feel like you've failed.

Or maybe you have the house, the condo and fluffy pup, but no one to share it with.

Listen, it doesn't really matter. You can have the love that you desire. It's attainable and frankly, a heck of a lot easier than you probably think.

Stick around- I'll guide you to bigger, better, bolder love. 

The Breakdown

Module 1:

Freedom from the past: Remove limiting beliefs around love and relationships

and create space for your soulmate.

Let go of past relationship traumas that are holding you back from lasting love. 

Module 2:

Desire and Needs: Get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Decide that you're worthy of great love.

Discover your love type...what types to avoid & seek out.

Align your habits and behaviors with the love you want to attract.

Module 3:

Embrace love: Align with all loving relationships currently in your life.

Become energetically open to receive more love.  

Stop the cycle of picking the wrong partners and attract the love you're worthy of receiving.

Learn about your 12 intimate energies so you can align with the right partner for you.

Module 4:

The Art Of Manifesting: Manifest loving relationships into your life faster and quicker.  

Plus, instant confidence for any romantic situation.

Module 5:

Decide and trust: Expect love, love smarter and take inspired steps to receive love.

Learn to:

Trust and receive guidance from The Universe.

Hold space for your soulmate.

Get out of your own head and stop overthinking love. 


Date mindfully: Experience and embrace mindful dating.

Learn to treat yourself like the prize and teach potential partners how to treat you.

Embrace your feminine energy (or masculine) based on the type of love you wish to attract.


How it works

This course is digital - 100% online

The modules have been recorded for you

One module will be released each week for 6 weeks

You have the course for life- including added modules + updates

You're ready.

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Is there are guarantee?

Your success is based on your effort. If you don't do the work, you'll stay the same. Do the work- get the results.

Do you have payment plans? Yep! 

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You're ready.

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