Letting go.


Stepping into your worth.

Knowing your value.

Showing up as a woman of high-value.

Ditching the games and rules.

Understanding his heart.

Attracting and keeping high-quality men.

Captivating him with your presence. 

Stepping into your feminine power.

Experiencing great love.

Amy Minyard

Massage Therapist


Jessica gave me so much insight to why I'm single. We hashed out a lot of things as to why I'm attracting the wrong types of men. It's a fresh perspective on what is sometimes maddening!

I mean seriously so much insight in one call! It was great. 

Thank you Jessica!

April Justine

Self Love Coach


I absolutely adore Jessica. She is down to earth and relatable. She has an amazing knowledge base for manifesting love and can help you bring your dream man into your life. She helped me become clearer about what is in my way when it comes to love. I'm creating space for my soulmate. 

She really listens and is truly there as support and guidance when it comes to love. 

If you think all the good men are taken, you definitely need to work with her to shift your energy to be able to invite love into your life. 

I'm excited for future coaching with Jessica!


I have cut off all the jerks that have been stringing me along for years. I finally got the closure I needed from my ex. I'm done pining for him.

AND I've recently met someone amazing.

Jessica's coaching is just right - not too fluffy and not too harsh. 

Do it!!! It's been life changing. 



Ready to finally get your legendary love story?

Not too long ago, love was really hard for me. 

I felt like I constantly had to chase it.

Or hunt it down like it was a wild animal.

Or play games like I was back in 8th grade.

I was exhausted at just the thought of love.

I was burnt out.

I created a strategic plan to manifest love because I had no other options left.


I met my husband 5 weeks later.


››› Ready for love that (finally) feels right?

››› Hopeful for love, even after heartbreak?

››› Determined to share your beautiful life with your ideal partner?

››› Ready to become a magnet for great love?

››› Excited to work with a coach who has created this for herself and who can teach you exactly what to do?

This is for the woman who is...

››› Open to change. She realizes her way isn't working.

››› Ready to do the work necessary to present herself as irreplaceable.

››› Excited to finally experience the love she deserves.

››› Desires to feel adored, cherished and loved.

››› Ready to do the work, commit and invest herself.

  • 1 Welcome pack
  • 6 1:1 coaching calls, 45 mins. each
  • Weekly work based on your goals
  • 1 Welcome pack
  • 12 1:1 coaching calls, 45 mins. each
  • Weekly work based on your goals
  • Full access to me for 3 months
  • Facebook messenger support between calls
  • 3 months access to The Love Hub 
  • 2 Customized meditations
  • 1 Welcome pack
  • 24 1:1 coaching calls, 45 mins. each
  • Weekly work based on your goals
  • Full access to me for 6 months
  • Facebook messenger support between calls
  • 50% all digital courses for 12 months
  • 6 months access to The Love Hub 

** Customized payment plans available!

I believe there is a reason you're on this page.

You're seeking guidance, support and a way forward.

Trust yourself.