Body Mind Mastery

A digital course to reprogram your mind & transform your body

Do you...

  • want to change subconscious eating habits?
  • want to lose weight in an easy and sustainable way?
  • want to crave healthy, body nourishing foods?
  • want to eat when your hungry and stop when you're satisfied?
  • desire more body confidence, self love and overall health? 
  • want freedom from diets, emotional eating and overeating? 
  • want and keep it off forever?

This course is for anyone who struggles to lose weight

You don't need another new diet or workout program.

You already know to which foods to eat.

You know to eat when you're hungry and stop when you're satisfied.

But you don't do it. Or you try for a few weeks, but eventually revert back to your old habits. 

I've been there...

Imagine trusting your body. Listening to your body. And eating when you are hungry (not bored or stressed) and letting go of the 'out of control' feeling around food. 

Hi! I'm Jessica Bartram. I'm a hypnotherapist and mindset coach. I'm here to help you breakthrough subconscious limitations and reprogram your mind for weight loss success.

I know what it's like to go to sleep each night thinking, "Tomorrow I'll eat better". Only for tomorrow to come and not eat any better. I spent years dieting, obsessing over food and watching my weight go up and down like a ping pong ball. After years of torment, I finally threw my hands up in the air and decided to transform my body from the inside out. 

That's when it all changed. I actually started listening to my body, eating the foods I enjoyed and lost weight. I couldn't believe it. 

Now, I help people make the same changes to create new habits they are proud of.

introduce myself


Weight Loss Mentality Makeover


Weight Loss Mentality Makeover is a 6 week course that removes old and transforms your relationship with food and exercise. It reprograms eating habits and creates new habits for optimal health.

 Some of these new behaviors include: Increasing self love, eating mindfully, letting go of overeating, increasing exercise and maintaining a new lifestyle of health. 

The best part: These new behaviors will become natural and easy for you. 

Other programs will give you guidelines and rules, and leave you to figure out HOW to create change.

Weight Loss Mentality Makeover shows you how to change your habits and guides you to create these changes.

This most effective course on the market to transform the mind and body.

What people are saying...

I was able to get control over my body, my emotions, and this greatly changed my physical appearance and joy. This has been the greatest investment of my life. 

B. L. 
Life Coach

Food no longer controls my life. I've kept the weight off and feel more like myself than I have in over a decade.

Sarah S. 

Food no longer controls my life. I've kept the weight off and feel more like myself than I have in over a decade.

Sarah S. 

Weight Loss Mentality Makeover

What's included in the course:

Hypnotherapy Sessions: 6 full length sessions (both video & audio) to keep for life ($1200 value)

Coaching videos and guidance for each module ($749 value)

12 Mini Hypno Meditations to reinforce the weekly transformations ($300 value)

Affirmation meditation to listen to before & during bed ($60 value)

Transformational homework and affirmations

Module 2

Desire healthy & nourishing foods

EARLY BIRD BONUS: Downloadable workbook including daily action steps, mini hypnotherapy sessions, mini meditations and journal exercises to maximize results. ($97 value)

EARLY BIRD BONUS:  Individual virtual hypnotherapy session with me!!! (Exclusively for the first 7 people to register) ($185 value)

​The course is yours to keep for life (including all updates)

Who Is Weight Loss Mentality For?

This program is for anyone who is...

  • Obsessing over food
  • Tired of eating mindlessly
  • Feeling like they cannot lose the weight no matter what they do
  • Frustrated with diets and seeing little or no results
  • Being held back by poor eating habits
  • Constantly craving junk food

The Program Breakdown

Module 1

Eating habit changes with a focus on self love

Module 3

Reinforcing the changes

Module 4

Mindful eating, listening to your body & handle emotional triggers

Module 5

No more gym dread (exercise consistently & enjoy it)

Module 6

Bringing it all together & self hypnosis training


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