Ready to change your eating habits

& drop the weight?

Body Mind Mastery

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Are you...

  • Struggling to make the right food choices?
  • Tired of overeating and dieting?
  • Constantly craving junk food?
  • Ready to get back to your natural, healthy weight? 

Do you want to...

  • Change your subconscious eating habits?
  • Lose weight with ease & keep it off?
  • Crave healthy foods that nourish your body?
  • Feel more confident in your body?
  • Eat when you're hungry & stop when you're not?
  • Breakthrough old eating habits & change your health mindset?


Trusting your body.

Listening to your body.

Letting go of the 'out of control' feeling around food.

Reaching your health goals faster than ever before.

Losing weight with ease.

Transforming your relationship with food.

Permanently changing your eating habits for the better.

Looking & feeling your absolute best.

Hi! I'm Jessica

I spent years trying to eat healthy, obsessing over food and watching my weight go up and down like a ping pong ball.

I vividly remember stress eating a box of cookies with the refrigerator door flung open. As I looked down at my handful of cookies, I thought, “WTF am I doing?”

This ah-ha moment eventually led me to subconscious habit breaking via hypnotherapy.

I started to transform my body from the inside out and reprogram my eating habits that had been holding me back for so long. Now my relationship with food and my body is easy & peaceful.

I'm a hypnotherapist and mindset coach. I'm obsessed with  helping women reach their goals fast & easily.

I'll show you how to break through subconscious limitations and reprogram your mind so you can reach your health goals with ease. 

If you're ready to:

  • Crave healthy, wholesome, natural foods
  • Reprogram your eating habits
  • Enjoy a peaceful relationship with food
  • Reclaim your power over food 
  • Eat only when your body is physically hungry
  • Stop overeating, unnecessary snacking & stress eating
  • Lose weight and keep it off with ease


Body Mind Mastery

A 6-week course to reprogram your mind & transform your body







How it works:

Body Mind Mastery is a 6 week digital course that removes blocks, changes habits and transforms your relationship with food and exercise. It reprograms eating habits and creates new habits for optimal health.

Some of these new behaviors include: Increasing self love, eating mindfully, letting go of overeating, increasing exercise and maintaining a new lifestyle of health.

The best part: These new behaviors will become natural and easy for you.

Other programs will give you guidelines and rules, and leave you to figure out HOW to create change.

Body Mind Mastery holds your hand and shows you how to change your habits. Think of this course as a guide and mentor that digs deep, uncovers your baggage & shows you a new path to create a healthy body & a happier you.

This most effective course on the market to transform the mind and body.

See what clients have to say:

"This has been the greatest investment of my life."

"I was able to get control over my body, my emotions, and this greatly changed my physical appearance and joy. This has been the greatest investment of my life."

B. l. life coach 

"Food no longer controls my life. I've kept the weight off and feel more like myself than I have in over a decade."

Jessica and her programs are spot on. I've worked with her several times. Food no longer controls my life. I've kept the weight off and feel more like myself than I have in over a decade.

Sarah s.  NURSE & Mom of 2

The Details:

  • Align your subconscious habits with your weight loss and health goals (so you're never held back from reaching optimum health).
  •  Reprogram your eating habits & relationship with food to achieve lasting body and mind transformation.
  •  Breakthrough limiting beliefs about your body & stop self sabotage (such as emotional eating & overeating).
  •  Master intuitive eating & drop the lbs without dieting, calorie counting or any other nonsense. 
  • Crave and enjoy healthy, natural foods & lose interest in sweets & junk.
  • Listen to your body & hunger cues & increase body confidence.
  • ***EARLY BIRD BONUS:***   60 minute hypnotherapy session with me via Skype or Phone. Limited to the first 5 to pay in full. ($250 value)
  • BONUS: NEW!! Official Mindful Babe Coffee Cup! Limited to those who pay in full in the US.
  • BONUS: 3+ Hour Sleep meditation MP3 to reinforce healthy eating habits (never before released)
  • BONUS: Downloadable Healthy Habit Reset workbook including daily action steps, mini hypnotherapy sessions, mini meditations and journal exercises to maximize results. ($97 value)

Each module contains:

Transformational Coaching

Mindset Makeover Exercises

FULL Hypnotherapy Sessions

Powerful Affirmations

Mindful Meditations

Habit Changing Strategies

Body Mind Mastery

Currently Closed

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will I be able to access the course?

Forever! Once you purchase the course, you'll have access to the complete program for life, as well as any future updates. 

I'm BUSY- can I take the course at my own pace?

Absolutely. When the course starts, a new module will be released each week. Once 6 weeks are over and all modules have been released, you will have access to everything forever. You can take the course slower or start later- it's completely up to you!

Is there a guarantee?

There is no guarantee, because I cannot guarantee human behavior. The effectiveness of the course is based on your participation and effort. However, if you start and decide the course isn't your thing during the first week, send me an email by FRIDAY with all of the completed worksheets, modules and homework and I will refund you. I don't expect this to happen (hasn't happened yet), however- I want you to feel safe in your purchase. 

How is the course set up?

Each module contains a weekly coaching video, an affirmation, mindful meditation, FULL length hypnotherapy session and mindset makeover exercises. Modules can take you anywhere from 2 hours to 5. I would suggest taking 30-45 minutes out of your day a few times a week. The modules are broken up into sections so you can do one section a day or all of the work in one day/week. 

I don't want to lose weight, just eat healthier. Will this course still work for me?

YES! This course isn't a weight loss course. However, anyone that has weight to lose will naturally drop the weight by transforming their eating habits and essentially eating less. If the same principles were applied to someone that wanted to eat clean, natural foods to nourish their body, the results would be better food choices. Body Mind Mastery is design to break through the crappy food habits that have developed over time. It will get you back to natural eating, eating for hunger and mindful, intentional food habits.

Is there a payment plan? 

YES! You can pay in full or pay over a 4 month period. 

What if I have more questions?

Email me here:

Body Mind Mastery

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