You tell yourself "I'm ready", and you really want to be, but lingering in the back of your mind you have a feeling of heaviness around your heart. 

You know great love is out there. 

But you've been hurt in the past.

Actually, hurt doesn't accurately describe it. It was more like a pull-out-my-heart-and-stomp-on-it sorta pain. 

And even though it's over, it still lingers.

And it holds you back.

You want to move on. You deeply crave healing...but you don't know when the hell it's going to happen. Or how. 

Does this sound familiar?

I know. 

I've been there.

I once avoided, destroyed and sabotaged potential love because I had not fully healed my past pains and heartache.

I didn't mean to block love. It just happened.

It wasn't until I took control of my subconscious pain and truly healed that my great love showed up.  

You can heal. You can open up your heart for great love.

You aren't powerless in your healing.

You have a choice: stay the same or heal the past heartache. 

You get to decide.

Sister, it's time to rise up through the pain.


An intimate 3-part intensive to shift your shit, make peace with your past and experience deep heart and soul healing. Each week, you will gain access to another video for a total of three.

Here's the weekly breakdown

Week 1- Your internal love story:

  • Heal your inner child
  • Reframe limiting beliefs about love
  • Uncover and release self-sabotage

Week 2- Letting go:

  • Cut the cord hypnosis
  • Freedom from victim mentality
  • Forgive and release ex-loves 

Week 3- A fresh start:

  • Make peace with your past
  • Find freedom in your new mindset
  • Open your heart to new possibilities

Each call has been previously recorded live and is 45 - 60 minutes in length.

Girlfriend, you can:

  •  Enjoy the freedom to love fully again
  • Shift your energy and begin attracting emotionally available men
  • Make peace with your past
  • Let go of the burden around your heart

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