Are you sabotaging your love life?

You can eliminate your limiting beliefs about love and transform your subconscious behaviors with ease.

If your ´╗┐tired´╗┐ of love not going your way...

It's time to consider a change in your subconscious habits and behaviors through hypnosis.

Hypnosis is one of the very few ways to access your subconscious mind (that place your habits, behaviors and feelings are stored) and create changes quickly.

I've helped hundreds of women transform their lives through hypnosis. It's effective and life changing. 

Jessica Bartram is a Board Certified Hypnotist,

a subconscious expert and

a love coach to spiritual women.

How it works

Three 1:1 Sessions 

Session 1 - 90 minutes

Session 2 - 60 minutes

Session 3 - 60 minutes

Sessions are held over the phone

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