Mind Over Macros

This 12 day series is for you if…

✔ Emotional eating is ruining your life

✔ Your gaining weight, or not losing weight because of emotional eating

✔ You wish to eat only when your body is hungry

✔ You eat when your stressed, anxious, happy or mad (but not actually hungry)

✔ You know you’re relationship with food needs to change, but don’t know how

What you’ll get…

✔ Weekday modules emailed to you over 12 days (10 modules in total)

✔ Create a positive relationship with food and enjoy exercise

✔ Align subconscious habits with your health goals including weight loss

✔ Modules to increase confidence, stop emotional eating and lose weight

✔ Guided hypno-meditations throughout the modules

Everything you need ditch the emotional eating cycle for only $47