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Bonus Assignment

Rewriting your story

Let's shift that story that you tell yourself about who you are, the love you are able to attract and how love shows up for you.

Here's what I want you to do: 

  1. Write out all the ways love has presented itself to you in the past. For instance, men who are emotionally unavailable, unable to commit, cheaters, etc.) You can do this in the form of a story or simply a list.
  2. Now reread it. 
  3. Journal the answer to this question: What is this a reflection of? Why is this showing up for me? How is this reconfirming my beliefs about myself? What is the lesson here? **Hint: The lesson isn't that "all men suck" or "all the good men are taken." The lesson is something that you need to learn about yourself. It's something that shifts you. For instance, my lesson from my first marriage was that love doesn't require me controlling or molding a man into what I want. I am only in control of my own actions and choices. I choose what I am willing to accept. 
  4. Decide on a new truth. For instance, my truth is "I am easy to love. It's not my job to change anyone. Fixing is not required. People show up for me because I accept them as they are. I lead with love."
  5. Write this down and carry it with you. Refer to it anytime you feel yourself allowing fear to creep in. For instance, my husband recently told me a new career plan he has for himself. I think it's dumb. I spent 2 hours trying to convince him it was foolish. Then I remembered my truth statement. I grabbed it from my wallet and read it. I realized I was projecting my own fears of career transition onto him (I took me a really long time to find my passion). I shifted my focused on leading with love. He now feels supported and I feel at peace.
  6.  **Please note, this isn't about rolling over or letting things go that don't work for you. It's about noticing what you're projecting towards others and releasing it when it doesn't align with your new vision of love. 

This is going to help let go of the old story you tell yourself as transition into your new truth (aka: your new story).