Do you want more from
your relationship?

More passion.
More excitement.
More connection.
More communication.
More alignment.

Are you ready to turn a good relationship,
into next level love?

If you want to:

››› Step into feelings of passionate, soul fulfilling love (think honeymoon phase amplified)?

››› Feel totally adored?

››› Have fun together all the time (even when running errands and grocery shopping)?

››› Get him to listen and understand you the way your friends do?

››› Communicate your needs so you get what you want?

››› Let him sweep you off your feet (again)?

I gotcha, girl!

You are singlehandedly capable of transforming your relationship/ marriage into your dreams and fantasies.

You can have the type of connection that makes newlyweds jealous.  

I know because I've done it. 

And it's so easy.

I'm sharing it all with you for the first time ever:

Transformational tools, simple mindset shifts and subconscious hacks...

that will turn a spark into a fire. 


A 4-week digital course for women ready to step up the passion, ease and excitement

in their longterm relationship or marriage. 


PRE-WORK: Reconnect with yourself and your partner (starts Oct. 30)

MODULE 1- Powerful Partnership:

  • Understanding your needs vs. his needs 
  • How to show up for him in a way that makes him crazy about you (without games)
  • Start fighting for the same side instead of fighting with each other
  • Discover how to talk to him so he will listen and want to fulfill your needs

MODULE 2- Deeper Connection: 

  • Bridging the gap between the relationship you have and the relationship you want
  • Uncovering your passion and desire for each other again
  • Maximize your connection without sacrificing your wants
  • Spiritual shifts to lead with love

MODULE 3- Lukewarm To Legendary Love: 

  • Rewrite your love story. You get to decide how it goes!
  • Love him fully as he is without wanting to fix/ change him​​​​
  • Tap into your goddess vibration 
  • Manifest next level love

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